Main Character Updates – Synthetic Neural Intelligence X series no. 001 (SNIX-001)

This is supposed to be posted on Friday, but just can’t resist the temptation to post it ahead of time and look at Snix’s face :P. So here we go!

Age: Infant (Less than 1)
Personality: Innocent, Curious, Factual

The latest Biodroid project undertaken by the Banshee. He was discovered by Hugo and Scarlet during a raid and was carried to the Muses Corporation within its stasis. When Maya activated him out of curiosity, SNIX-001 instantly identify Maya as his guardian.

Due to his inexperience of the world, he found everything around him interesting. However, due to him being an living computer, he put everything into his logical inference engine and unable to get out of loop with nonsensical questions without a forced restart (the favorite way for Maya is a giant whack in the head).

– Kenneth


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