Main Characters Update – Maya

Main Characters Update - Maya

Age: 14
Personality: Deviant, Scheming, Prideful

Genius inheritor of Muses Corporation, she was taught from young age to be the perfect exemplar of humanity. She lived her childhood life as an ideal daughter that everyone would hope for. However she despised everything that were assigned to her and desperately wanted to be free. For a long time, she was looking for a chance to escape her father’s iron grip and found her perfect opportunity just before a scheduled appearance in a private school. Without hesitation, she fled from her convoy and boarded another Muse Corporation vehicle.

She eventually found herself in a forward base and found herself marveled by the miracle musics produced by Hugo and Scarlet. After countless time of refusing his father’s demand to return to headquarter, her father finally gave in and trusted her well being to Hugo’s team.

– Snix


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