What is Starband Troopers? – #1 : Introduction

MainMenu_bgHi all, this is Kenneth, the designer wannabe behind Starband Troopers.

The game, to me, is a special hybrid: it has a Sci-fi Fantasy theme, it is a roleplaying game that features rhythm game battle mechanics, it has many Customization options and it has elements of a Rogue-Like game built in. In this weekly series, I will talk about things that define Starband Troopers in greater depth. Start by posting this following paragraph, which will give you some ideas of the world of Starband Troopers. Enjoy!


In the distant future, humanity were enslaved…
The Banshee were the master, the master of the universe.
Icarus was the first to fall, then Hercules was subjugated.
It was Muses who remained deviant, but they were no match to Hercules and their masters.
Then the EP amplifier came to Muses, sound waves worked into magics.
Musicians formed into bands, their wishes of liberation were within reach.
They were the last voices of Humanity, they were the Starband Troopers.

– Kenneth


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