What is Starband Troopers? – #2: The Battle System

Hi all, this is Kenneth, the designer wannabe behind Starband Troopers.

The interactive combat system is the heart of Starband Troopers. It is a distinctive marriage between Music Rhythm game mechanic and Battle mechanic that can be found in traditional JRPG.


Hugo, Scarlet and SNIX-001 prepare for an Ensemble.

What it means by that is, instead of using traditional JRPG approach where you give commands to your characters from a list, you apply your battle commands by completing rhythm game patterns in real time!! By completing variety of rhythm game patterns your characters will have huge number of skills, beneficial to band or detrimental to enemies, at their disposal.


And it is not all about your characters, your enemies are not just cannon fodders! They have abilities to disrupt your pattern tapping, or do some nasty effects to your characters or the entire band. A simple mistake has dire consequences, so you need to think about what to bring into battle or it will cost you dearly.

In the next post, I will talk about another important feature of Starband Troopers: Customization.


– Kenneth


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