Indiegogo Generator at 15%

Hi Troopers,

After a week of crowdfunding, we managed to complete 15% of our goal! Thank you for the supports you had given!

It is still a long road for us, please help us spread the word by sharing it to your friends! You can find the Indiegogo Campaign here @



As for the game itself, we had just redesigned every single skills and augmentations. We currently have 103 skills and 55 augmentations in game and counting! We are also doing some redesign on our user interfaces to make sure you can get the best gaming experience!

– Kenneth


Thank you!

Dear Troopers,

Wish you all had a nice weekend, as we certainly did. We would like to extend our gratitude to the few early contributors to our project! Your supports and suggestions are some of the thing that we treasure the most.

We are truly glad that Starband Troopers is to your liking, the support that we received motivates us to continue our effort to make the game as best as it can be. Even now during the campaign, we are working to our best of abilities to polish the game to make sure our Beta testing can be held flawlessly in early November.

To our potential contributors, if you are interested to have an early taste of our game, which will already be a polished game, you can just take the Early Access perk! This will also include all the interesting perks that comes before it.

You can access our Indiegogo Campaign by following this link:



– Kenneth


Indiegogo Campaign Starts Today!


Hi all,

After all these days of hardcore working, we are happy to announce the launching of our Indiegogo Campaign! Be sure to take a look, and if interested, make a contribution to us! We are grateful for all the supports we get and had prepared a list of wonderful Perks for our contributors!

You can view our campaign here:


Any feedback and suggestions are welcome!


Progress Updates #2

LoadingScreen-for-BlogUpdates2Hi all,

Sorry for the lack of updates these days. We had been busying ourselves to polish the game and in general making the gameplay better. The good news is, Cleancuts has finally delivered all the instrumental musics to us and they sounds great! We had also enlisted an additional sound designer to help us voice our movies.

We also worked hard to put together our Indiegogo Campaign which will be launched within these couple of weeks. The video and voice recording are done and it is up to us to design the campaign and make it happens.

Wish us luck!

– Kenneth