BETA build v1.03 – The third map is released!

Dear Troopers,

In this new BETA build, you will venture into a war zone!


Your band had reached a Katakini village in this new map that was under siege by the evil Brownies. There were rumors saying that the Hercules had something to do behind this. Unfortunately for the band, in order to reach their destination, they must travel through the Brownie horde main camp or take more dangerous routes. Do you want to relief the siege by charging straight into the horde? Or do you believe the Katakinian can handle themselves, and sneak pass the horde while taking more dangerous routes? The choice is yours!


We had also revamped the Rhythm mode UI to make it more spontaneous. Hope you will like it.

For those who want to become BETA tester, you can do so by shooting us an email at

Stay tuned!

– Kenneth


BETA Build – 1.02: An additional map!

Dear Troopers,

With today’s Beta Testing build, you will venture into a new location! Spiders rule the subterranean land of Kataki, and they are no tiny harmless spiders. All of them are capable to cover you in web, rendering your band mates unable to perform any action until they are “cured”. Their leader, the evil but powerful Drider, is a force to be reckoned with! DriderThis enormous spider queen knows all the tricks her lackeys know. And that’s not it, beware when any of your band members were encased in web by her! Her stinger attacks at first can seems to be nothing special,  but it is tremendously powerful when it lands on a target that doesn’t move!map2 Spiders are not the only danger in this subterranean domain. The winding paths are also filled with traps and other dangerous creatures that call this place their homes! However, with all the dangers in this place, there is no telling the amount of treasures that are buried within. It is rumored that an instrument can be found within its depth.

If you want to participate in the BETA, drop us an email at:!

– Kenneth

Beta Testing is now!

Hi Troopers,


Today, We are super excited to launch our Beta Testing. In this Beta demo, you will be able to experience 20% of all of our contents. We are looking forward to get your feedback!

For beta testers who wish to download the demo, open the Testflight email that we had sent to you using the device that you are going to play the game. The email should look similar to this:


  • Tap the “ACCEPT” button, a signup screen will popup.


  • Fill in your account details and then tap “Sign Up”     

IMG_3   IMG_4

  • Tap “Connect your Device” and then “Connect Device”. Testflight will as you to install their App. (Yea that Chinese thing means “Install”.)


  • Accept the Terms then your device is connected!

IMG_6   IMG_7

That’s it! We will be releasing demo builds on a regular basis, starting from tomorrow afternoon!

For those who wish to become a BETA tester, leave us an email @

Stay tuned!

– Kenneth