Beta Testing is now!

Hi Troopers,


Today, We are super excited to launch our Beta Testing. In this Beta demo, you will be able to experience 20% of all of our contents. We are looking forward to get your feedback!

For beta testers who wish to download the demo, open the Testflight email that we had sent to you using the device that you are going to play the game. The email should look similar to this:


  • Tap the “ACCEPT” button, a signup screen will popup.


  • Fill in your account details and then tap “Sign Up”     

IMG_3   IMG_4

  • Tap “Connect your Device” and then “Connect Device”. Testflight will as you to install their App. (Yea that Chinese thing means “Install”.)


  • Accept the Terms then your device is connected!

IMG_6   IMG_7

That’s it! We will be releasing demo builds on a regular basis, starting from tomorrow afternoon!

For those who wish to become a BETA tester, leave us an email @

Stay tuned!

– Kenneth






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