Starband Troopers Lite has landed!

Dear Troopers,

Through all the approval processes, Starband Troopers Lite has finally landed on App Store to download for FREE!IMG_2520You can now build your resolve on Starband Troopers Lite before committing fully into our noble cause!


By the way, Starband Troopers v1.11 is now available on App Store. We had added a little “Like” feature when you started map 2, please support us by giving us a rating or perhaps a review as well!

– Kenneth


《星乐战队》The Simplified Chinese Version of goes live on App Store Now!

Dear Troopers,

As we promised earlier, 《星乐战队》is live for you to download on Apple App Store! If you are a trooper and like to play Starband Troopers in Simplified Chinese, then what are you waiting for!



Game iTunes page link:

– Snix

Here comes another Starband Troopers Review in Chinese from PTBUS.COM

Dear Troopers,

Though Chinese Version of Starband Troopers (simplified &traditional) are still awaiting for approval from App Store. PTBUS (口袋巴士) has already published a Chinese Review for Starband Troopers:


We have a score of 7.8/10 from the editor and 7.6/10 from the site! Just go check it out, it helps you know better about Starband Troopers before you start playing.

– Snix

Starband Troopers went LIVE on AppStore!

Dear Troopers,

It had been months since we started talking about Starband Troopers on this blog. The journey of development was long and not without difficulties and failures.

But we persevered.

Today, we stand tall and proudly announce that Starband Troopers had finally made its way into App Store! You can visit its page here:


The traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese versions and all the Lite versions are submitted to App Store awaiting for review. They should be available within the month.

It has been an honor to have you walk with us.


Happy New Year!!!

Dear Troopers,


2015 is here! Brownie wish you all the best and good fortune in the coming year!

Starband Troopers will come this Jan in both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Here is the Game Preview Trailer of Traditional Chinese Version Starband Troopers, which is named 《星樂戰隊》. Hope you will like it!

As for the English version, we are waiting for Apple to give us green light. We won’t keep you waiting!

– Snix