Cross-eyed Monkeys, the Running Platformer!

Hello everyone,

We are working hard on our new title “Cross-eyed Monkeys”, we think it turns out pretty awesome. Hope you will think the same as well.


Feel the resolves of our heroes!

Cross-eyed Monkeys is a new type of Running Game, to which we would like to call it Running Platformer. As you can probably guess, the game blends running and platform game together to produce some truly unique experience.

The game stars four monkey heroes at your disposal, where you can switch to each of them during game. Each Monkey has a unique skill. You will need to use them wisely to beat the lemurs and win the game.

In our upcoming posts, we will introduce you the Four monkey heroes. Stay tuned!



And we turned our gaze upon the prehistoric era

Hello everyone,

It has been awhile! Hope “Starband Troopers” had kept you entertained.

Today, we are happy to announce our next studio title……


Yes! Monkeys!

It is a game about the epic showdown between our good monkey friends and their nemesis the evil lemurs. It involves a lot pain, sweat, manly tears, blood and, of course, BANANAS. Mostly importantly, it is a Free-To-Play game! Yay!

SNIX, our awesome biodroid turned developer will be leading the design this time. The game looks pretty amazing so far!

Stay tuned!

– Kenneth