Who are we?

Why Brownie?

Why not? It is tasty, it is CCO girlfriend’s favorite cake. It can also be this awesome little creature from folklore.

Goblin stone thrower

And an awesome game designer said this,

Games are like brownies, there’s only so many common ingredients involved;  it’s all about the ratios of those components in the recipe and how it’s all executed.

Extracted from http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/LeePerry/20130805/197602/One_reason_we_see_so_many_clones_Communication.php, retrieved on 05/06/2014

So we decided to make it our name!

And about the developers themselves.

Kenneth Djuwidja

Facebook, LinkedIn

Programming Nerd, Chief Cleaning Officer, Game Designer Wannabe

This nerd is interested in TCG, TTG, TRPG, RPG, trying to be Gandalf but is actually a hobbit, FPS, FPSRPG, MMOG, MMORPG…….. For all the years the nerd tried to get into the game industry to make GAMEEEEES, he is generally stucked in dealing with people ranked higher or below him. He is fed up, rage quit his last job and generally enjoying himself until the other nerd Yoda caught him. And so Brownie was formed.

Yuming “Snix” Cheng

Facebook, LinkedIn

The Yoda of all things Character, Senior Cooking Director, Gaming Masochist

This Jedi began his training since 2008 A.D. . He later visited the temple of Jedi to train and became the Yoda of all things that are related to characters. He also met the nerd in his stay of the temple. When Darth Vader  destroyed the temple, Yoda decided to find the merrily self-exiled nerd and started Brownie. Also, MOBA players beware! You will find Yoda utilizing the force there.


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