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Brownie“Starband Troopers”, the epic sci-fi musical RPG, available on Apple App Store

HONG KONG, 9th January , 2015 – Independent game developer Brownie Interactive Studio announced today its first game title “Starband Troopers”, a unique sci-fi roleplaying game about a band of rockstar troopers, is available on the Apple App Store.


“Starband Troopers” is a rogue-like RPG that unites Sci-fi themed adventure to rhythm game. Player controls a band of four colourful individuals, each equipped with deadly musical instruments, to battle foes ranging from primitive tribal sentient beings to ancient alien war machines.


Battle skills are performed by playing rhythm games. The performance of each rhythm games can vastly affect the effectiveness of the performing skill. The game is also filled with customization opportunities with over 100 musical skills, 60 augmentations and 9 uniquely designed instruments to gear up the band members.


“As a fan of both genres, it is sad to see so few Rhythm RPGs these days,” said Kenneth Djuwidja, “Starband Troopers can fill that gap. We had worked to the best of our abilities to make the game a truly unique experience.”

“Although we don’t have a platform of choice, touch-based control is just made for this genre,” said Snix Cheng, art director of Brownie Interactive Studio, “it is the reason why we decided to develop on mobile platform, as opposed to other media.”

“Starband Troopers” is now available on the Apple App store for all regions. The team is also working on a free Lite version that will be available in late January, 2015.

Editors and bloggers of the gaming industry can request a promotion code by dropping an email at

Visit “Starband Troopers”’s iTune page here.


About Brownie Interactive Studio

Founded in March 2014, Brownie Interactive Studio is a independent game developer based in Hong Kong. The founding members had over 5 years of experience in game development and had worked in various best selling casual game titles on Big Fish games.

Visit for more information on Brownie Interactive Studio.

Press Contact

Name:           Kenneth Djuwidja

Mobile:       (+852) 6274 0874


Press Kit:


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