TuTulu: The Bunker – “The indestructible horror”.

Dear Friends,

Here comes our last “hero”: Tutulu.


Tutulu is the muscle of the squad. Using his big fat tummy, he terrorize average lemurs, breaks pathetic wooden blockades that the lemurs built to stop him and natural obstacles cannot stand against him.

He is almost invincible…..except he is fat and slow. Tutulu’s huge body will not fit in tunnels and he can easily get stuck. Using his tummy attacks can also slow the team down.

With the Charger’s shield equipped, the stone blockades, the strongest blockades known to the lemurs, cannot stand in his way.

– Snix


Gagaku: The king of tunnels

Dear Friends,

This time is the turn of our third cross-eyed hero. The name is Gagaku.


Gagaku’s tiny stature allows him to squeeze into narrow tunnels that others won’t fit in. With his trusty claws, Gagaku can dig into soft grassland, evading all kinds of dangers that happens on top of him and sometimes even the most impossible gap between rocks and ground won’t stop him from getting through. Moreover, Gagaku can break through loose grass patches to enter hidden pathways.

Gagaku can dig through harder materials after equipping the Digger’s Claws, opening up even more explorable area. If you want to explore, look for Gagaku and his claws!

– Snix

Lalabu: The Glider – “The Monkey who flies”.

Dear Friends,

Today, We present to you the wings of our Cross-eyed Squads: Lababu!


Lalabu is the Wing and Eye in the sky. He is THE air support for the cross-eyed squad to overcome large gaps and land on higher platforms that are otherwise unreachable. Flying as a monkey puts enormous strain on Lalabu as he employs large physical force to flap his wings in order to stay in air.  Equipping the Glider’s Spoiler can greatly improve the efficiency of flapping, allowing Lalabu to greatly extends the time of his flights.

Flying is not without perils though, as the evil Lemurs had also gained the ability of flight and there are threats to be found in the natural world.

– Snix

Chachanu: The Gunner – “One shot, one kill”.

Dear Friends,

This week we introduce you the first Monkey of our Cross-eyed Squads: Chachanu!


He is energetic, brave, red and of course cross-eyed.

As the Forward of our 4 heroes, Chachanu’s skill is stone shooting. With just one hit, he can defeat even the bravest Lemur. Chachanu’s skill can also be upgraded to long range shooting, allowing him to beat enemies that are far ahead or trigger switches to reveal hidden pathways.

– Snix

Cross-eyed Monkeys, the Running Platformer!

Hello everyone,

We are working hard on our new title “Cross-eyed Monkeys”, we think it turns out pretty awesome. Hope you will think the same as well.


Feel the resolves of our heroes!

Cross-eyed Monkeys is a new type of Running Game, to which we would like to call it Running Platformer. As you can probably guess, the game blends running and platform game together to produce some truly unique experience.

The game stars four monkey heroes at your disposal, where you can switch to each of them during game. Each Monkey has a unique skill. You will need to use them wisely to beat the lemurs and win the game.

In our upcoming posts, we will introduce you the Four monkey heroes. Stay tuned!


What is Starband Troopers? – #3: Customize your characters

Hi all, this is Kenneth, the designer wannabe behind Starband Troopers.

As a gamer, I am always attached to games that offer you to pick your own gaming style. Games such as Magic The Gathering, Neverwinter Nights, Warhammer Fantasy Battle had lasting impact on me because of the freedom of choices they offered.

It goes without saying that it is going to affect my design preferences, and I took great pleasure in making this possible in Starband Troopers!
Pick your instruments, augmentations and more

4InsrumentsApart from Snix’s extraordinary effort to design the incredible outlooks of these instruments, every single instrument has a specific role to play (such as damager or supporter) . Your band’s instrument lineup also opens up the ability to use the incredible ensemble skills, which is performed together by more than 1 member in the band, to summon powerful magic to aid your band or destroy the enemies. Customization_Individual

Apart from picking instruments for your characters, you can also use augmentations on your characters to improve their attributes or try your luck on one of the potions offered in game, which may improves or hinders your character’s attributes.


What’s more?

In order to sufficiently prepare your band, you will need to be able to find your augmentations and skills in game. Though they are not overly hard to find, chances are you will not be able to get the “perfect” configuration of your band. I hope by placing this restriction, you will be able to explore the band building in greater depth.
– Kenneth


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What is Starband Troopers? – #2: The Battle System

Hi all, this is Kenneth, the designer wannabe behind Starband Troopers.

The interactive combat system is the heart of Starband Troopers. It is a distinctive marriage between Music Rhythm game mechanic and Battle mechanic that can be found in traditional JRPG.


Hugo, Scarlet and SNIX-001 prepare for an Ensemble.

What it means by that is, instead of using traditional JRPG approach where you give commands to your characters from a list, you apply your battle commands by completing rhythm game patterns in real time!! By completing variety of rhythm game patterns your characters will have huge number of skills, beneficial to band or detrimental to enemies, at their disposal.


And it is not all about your characters, your enemies are not just cannon fodders! They have abilities to disrupt your pattern tapping, or do some nasty effects to your characters or the entire band. A simple mistake has dire consequences, so you need to think about what to bring into battle or it will cost you dearly.

In the next post, I will talk about another important feature of Starband Troopers: Customization.


– Kenneth


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