And we turned our gaze upon the prehistoric era

Hello everyone,

It has been awhile! Hope “Starband Troopers” had kept you entertained.

Today, we are happy to announce our next studio title……


Yes! Monkeys!

It is a game about the epic showdown between our good monkey friends and their nemesis the evil lemurs. It involves a lot pain, sweat, manly tears, blood and, of course, BANANAS. Mostly importantly, it is a Free-To-Play game! Yay!

SNIX, our awesome biodroid turned developer will be leading the design this time. The game looks pretty amazing so far!

Stay tuned!

– Kenneth


Progress Updates #2

LoadingScreen-for-BlogUpdates2Hi all,

Sorry for the lack of updates these days. We had been busying ourselves to polish the game and in general making the gameplay better. The good news is, Cleancuts has finally delivered all the instrumental musics to us and they sounds great! We had also enlisted an additional sound designer to help us voice our movies.

We also worked hard to put together our Indiegogo Campaign which will be launched within these couple of weeks. The video and voice recording are done and it is up to us to design the campaign and make it happens.

Wish us luck!

– Kenneth

Progress Updates



Hi all,

It has been awhile.

We apologize for the lack of updates here. We had been busying ourselves with our first playable prototype for the last month. Although it is playable now, it is still very buggy and there are a lot of things to improve on.

On the bright side though, we have a working prototype! Seeing the game coming together bit by bit is always exciting and but without something working on the actual device always feels kind of lacking, until NOW! There are still a lot of works to do but we can see the finishing line now.

Here is a glimpse of the prototype, bear with us since it is still work in progress.


– Kenneth

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Thoughts Behind The Character Design – Part 2

Thoughts Behind The Character Design - Part 2

Our four main characters live in a futuristic space faring world with musics as their weapon. They maybe troopers but we think that they are rockers in heart, so we discarded all the uniformity as soldiers so we can made them energetic and even a little bit wild.

Colouring also took an important role in the design. Each of our four protagonists were designed to have a specific theme colour: Hugo – Green, Scarlet – Red, SNIX – Blue and Maya – Purple. This not only made them easier to spot on the battlefield, the colouring also somewhat represents their personality traits!

We sincerely hope you guys will like the design and by the way, the proportion of our protagonists will change in the actual game too! I have to say they look even more interesting after the change. See for yourself once our trailer is done!

– Snix


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Thoughts Behind The Character Design – Part 1

Thoughts Behind The Character Design - Part 1

Before we dived into finalizing the game story, we had decided that there will be 4 protagonists in our first game and started to work with them first. We thought that having a more clear image of the protagonists will allow us to create a more in depth background story for them.

Since we wanted the game to have a global audiences, we wanted to have characters that appeal to people in different parts of the world. We will also want them to be easily distinguished between each other and be iconic so that people can easily identify them to be characters from “Starband Troopers”. After our extended period of research and sketching, we had decided on appearances of a tough guy, a sexy lady, a “lolita” and a pretty boy, which we think making each of them unique and yet have appeal to different type of people.

The awesome part is, because Chiu had done such an awesome job on them, we are able to create some very unique story behind the characters and help shaping the “Starband Troopers” universe to what it is now.

– Snix


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Main Characters Update – Maya

Main Characters Update - Maya

Age: 14
Personality: Deviant, Scheming, Prideful

Genius inheritor of Muses Corporation, she was taught from young age to be the perfect exemplar of humanity. She lived her childhood life as an ideal daughter that everyone would hope for. However she despised everything that were assigned to her and desperately wanted to be free. For a long time, she was looking for a chance to escape her father’s iron grip and found her perfect opportunity just before a scheduled appearance in a private school. Without hesitation, she fled from her convoy and boarded another Muse Corporation vehicle.

She eventually found herself in a forward base and found herself marveled by the miracle musics produced by Hugo and Scarlet. After countless time of refusing his father’s demand to return to headquarter, her father finally gave in and trusted her well being to Hugo’s team.

– Snix


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Main Character Updates – Synthetic Neural Intelligence X series no. 001 (SNIX-001)

This is supposed to be posted on Friday, but just can’t resist the temptation to post it ahead of time and look at Snix’s face :P. So here we go!

Age: Infant (Less than 1)
Personality: Innocent, Curious, Factual

The latest Biodroid project undertaken by the Banshee. He was discovered by Hugo and Scarlet during a raid and was carried to the Muses Corporation within its stasis. When Maya activated him out of curiosity, SNIX-001 instantly identify Maya as his guardian.

Due to his inexperience of the world, he found everything around him interesting. However, due to him being an living computer, he put everything into his logical inference engine and unable to get out of loop with nonsensical questions without a forced restart (the favorite way for Maya is a giant whack in the head).

– Kenneth


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