TuTulu: The Bunker – “The indestructible horror”.

Dear Friends,

Here comes our last “hero”: Tutulu.


Tutulu is the muscle of the squad. Using his big fat tummy, he terrorize average lemurs, breaks pathetic wooden blockades that the lemurs built to stop him and natural obstacles cannot stand against him.

He is almost invincible…..except he is fat and slow. Tutulu’s huge body will not fit in tunnels and he can easily get stuck. Using his tummy attacks can also slow the team down.

With the Charger’s shield equipped, the stone blockades, the strongest blockades known to the lemurs, cannot stand in his way.

– Snix


Gagaku: The king of tunnels

Dear Friends,

This time is the turn of our third cross-eyed hero. The name is Gagaku.


Gagaku’s tiny stature allows him to squeeze into narrow tunnels that others won’t fit in. With his trusty claws, Gagaku can dig into soft grassland, evading all kinds of dangers that happens on top of him and sometimes even the most impossible gap between rocks and ground won’t stop him from getting through. Moreover, Gagaku can break through loose grass patches to enter hidden pathways.

Gagaku can dig through harder materials after equipping the Digger’s Claws, opening up even more explorable area. If you want to explore, look for Gagaku and his claws!

– Snix

Starband Troopers went LIVE on AppStore!

Dear Troopers,

It had been months since we started talking about Starband Troopers on this blog. The journey of development was long and not without difficulties and failures.

But we persevered.

Today, we stand tall and proudly announce that Starband Troopers had finally made its way into App Store! You can visit its page here:


The traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese versions and all the Lite versions are submitted to App Store awaiting for review. They should be available within the month.

It has been an honor to have you walk with us.