Chachanu: The Gunner – “One shot, one kill”.

Dear Friends,

This week we introduce you the first Monkey of our Cross-eyed Squads: Chachanu!


He is energetic, brave, red and of course cross-eyed.

As the Forward of our 4 heroes, Chachanu’s skill is stone shooting. With just one hit, he can defeat even the bravest Lemur. Chachanu’s skill can also be upgraded to long range shooting, allowing him to beat enemies that are far ahead or trigger switches to reveal hidden pathways.

– Snix


Thoughts Behind The Character Design – Part 1

Thoughts Behind The Character Design - Part 1

Before we dived into finalizing the game story, we had decided that there will be 4 protagonists in our first game and started to work with them first. We thought that having a more clear image of the protagonists will allow us to create a more in depth background story for them.

Since we wanted the game to have a global audiences, we wanted to have characters that appeal to people in different parts of the world. We will also want them to be easily distinguished between each other and be iconic so that people can easily identify them to be characters from “Starband Troopers”. After our extended period of research and sketching, we had decided on appearances of a tough guy, a sexy lady, a “lolita” and a pretty boy, which we think making each of them unique and yet have appeal to different type of people.

The awesome part is, because Chiu had done such an awesome job on them, we are able to create some very unique story behind the characters and help shaping the “Starband Troopers” universe to what it is now.

– Snix


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